• Alman Hellas provides specialized after sales service and support services and repairs for mobile phones, smartphones, tablet-pc, PDA, monitors, LCD TV, PC, servers, laptops (notebook, netbook), printers, projectors as well as technical support to equipment and communication systems.
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Company Profile

Alman Hellas is a professional and experienced repairing company in Greece, offering highest-level after sales services and focusing on maximum customer satisfaction.
Several manufacturers offer -through our Company- free-of-charge on-site exchange service or repair with free-of-charge pick-up and delivery from the customer’s premises within Greece.
Our exceptional technical infrastructure and equipment and our highly skilled technicians are strategic choices of  our company.
Alman Hellas provides after sales support and repairing services for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet PCs. It further provides also  services for monitors and displays, LCD TVs, PCs, servers, portable computers (notebooks, netbooks), PDAs, printers, projectors, and pc peripherals. Finally, Alman Hellas offers technical support to complete IT and communication systems.

Helpdesk Services
Alman Hellas operates a call and helpdesk center to enhance its technical support services.

Repair Services
Alman Hellas offers repairs, IMAC and Break & Fix services, with flexible SLAs as well as specialized repairs in the customer premises.

Alman Hellas has year-long experience in repairing and maintaining electronic equipment such as: projecting systems, Communication-equipment, retail electronics, PC and peripherals, servers, and corporate IT networks.

Exchange service και Logistics
Alman Hellas offers on-site exchange service in the customer’s premises, pick-up and return repair, as well as equipment leasing and replacement throughout Greece.

Online reporting system
Alman Hellas also offers detailed, customized on-line reports to its customers, listing –but not limited to-  call ID, repair RMA, customer details, product type, product model, product S/N, defect description, as well as IRIS repair code.

As a result of its  competence, experience and technical skills Alman Hellas is the authorized service provider for numerous products of large manufacturers and resellers such as  Philips, Viewsonic, Acer, Fujitsu, AOC, TPV, Siemens, Samsung, NEC, MSI, Packard Bell, E-machines, Gateway, Vivitek, Proview, Qisda, Techview, 3M, Innolux, Mirai, Xerox.